block lifter bores

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block lifter bores

Postby star393 » Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:25 pm

Any body get involved with making their own lifter bore reaming and boring tooling and fixtures. Ive been working on some hardware and plates with bearing guides as from Danley die sets and doing it with hand drill. Any thoughts on this subject. I know theres stuff out there but for the handy skilled make your own stuff view point, I am trying to do it myself. Trying to get it done without a mill. ???????????? I had some boring cutters made with removable pilots a few thou under with room to hone to size or ream. Without using bushings, cast iron is still a great bearing material. Steward performance offers roller lifters up to .005 oversize in one thou sizes don't know anybody else doing that for racers. Bad enough trying to get the right lifter with a long enough body to correctly use the entire lifter bore another subject.
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