My Cylinder Heads

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My Cylinder Heads

Postby nomad » Wed Dec 05, 2012 8:16 am

I’m looking to see what can be done with my AFR BBC heads. They are the 325 cc heads with the ported chamber option.
The current combination is:
2800 lb car with driver including 65lb ballast
540 BBC at 10.2 compression
Bullet cam 276/284 110 lsa .701 net lift. The cam was spec’ed by John Partridge for spring life and 93 octane gas.
Holley Dominator 1.780 venturi, 2.125 throttle blade containing my calibration
Manifold is a Edelbrock 454-R #2907, recommended manifold was #2927
Engine made 818 HP@ 6600 and 717TQ @ 4700
Converter flashes to 5300
The most RPM this engine sees is 7000
4.10 gear
14.5x32 tires
Best ET 8.87@150
Last pass was 10.90@145 at Reynolds, it’s a good Super Street car.
The engine is apart for freshening. We won’t be changing the cam, the carb, or the compression. I’ve looked at the AFR site wondering if I should just upgrade to the 345 heads. But, AFR guidelines show no improvement until lift surpasses .700 lift. No improvement there. So I looked at the 335 CNC heads. They show an improvement below .700 lift @ a cost of $2600 just for the castings. I’m thinking I can improve my existing heads for a lot less.
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Re: My Cylinder Heads

Postby Chad Speier » Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:00 am

I would give it a current valve job, size the throats, and give it a bigger bowl.

Fully hand finish the chambers.

I think you would be surprised at the gains..
Chad Speier
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Re: My Cylinder Heads

Postby nomad » Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:18 pm

jmark and I will be on a road trip Sunday and Monday. I'd like to talk to you about this. And as I'll have nothing but time on those two days I'll PM you my cell # and we can talk at your convience.

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