Big Thanks for support on 4.972 ET with 23 Deg Head 400 cid

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Big Thanks for support on 4.972 ET with 23 Deg Head 400 cid

Postby Chris Cobb » Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:41 am

Big thanks to all the people for their help and support on this deal. It was a great weekend as I accomplished several personal best with the car.

Monte Smith Performance for the NOS Fogger and 36 Pill tune-up (350hp)
Chad Speier "Speier Racing Heads" for the killer induction package (heads and manifold)
Jason Smith - PA Racing for the Santhuff Shocks and Struts
Kenny Ford & Lane at PTC for a great torque converter
John Williams - Outlaw Racing Parts for the PCS Dash Datalogger
Chris Terry for the interuptation of the shock sensor data and guideance on shock settings
Wiles Racing Driveshafts - for the Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
Pipemax for the header design and analysis of the engine
Jason Ozier (Engine Owner) - for letting me use the engine we built for him to do testing and development..

It was the first time out with the car with NOS on it since 2002. We accomplished our goal on the 5th pass on the car with a 4 second pass with 400 cid SBC with standard low port 23 Deg Profiler heads @ 2700lbs.

Here is a run down on the hits:

1st Hit: 1.155, 3.435, 5.249 @ 136.53 - Had to lift due to power wheelie
2nd Hit: 1.174, none, 5.041 @ 139.23 - Tightened struts two flats, added one deg of overall timing back to engine, had to lift due to power wheelie
3rd Hit: 1.147, 3.262, 5.025 @ 139.75 - Tightened struts two more flats, no wheelie. Good clean pass, bottle pressure lower than normal (880 psi vs 950 psi) hung up in staging lanes
4th Hit: 1.141, 3.245, 5.003 @ 139.66 - Shortened progressive ramp from 2.0 sec to 1.7 sec, no change to launch retard ramp (4.5 deg for 1.75 sec)
5th Hit: 1.146, 3.217, 4.972 @ 139.49 - Shortened progressive ramp from 1.7 sec to 1.5 sec, no change to lannch retard ramp
6th Hit: 1.171, 3.252, 5.001 @ 140.27 - Shortened progressive ramp from 1.5 sec to 1.3 sec, added one deg timing of overall timing back to engine, took out one deg timing on launch retard ramp (5.5 deg for 1.75 sec), bottle pressure low again due to being staging lanes for over an hour - 860 psi vs 950 psi. This netted a softer front half due to the lower bottle pressure.

The engine is a solid build, nothing over the top as Monte stated. The build thread can be found on under Dynotune Engineering 400 SBC build thread. It dynoed 742 hp on our Stuska dyno.

Looking forward to getting the car back out to do some testing and work on getting the 60 ft and 330 ft times better. We got some great data thanks to the PCS D200 Dash Datalogger.

Thanks again for all the help and support on this deal.
Chris Cobb
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Chris Cobb
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