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HP numbers

Postby Adger Smith » Sat Aug 17, 2013 8:28 pm

What I would like to see when posting dyno numbers is what are the air conditions. Esp. when the uncorrected numbers are posted. With the actual conditions you can do your own correction to STP and the B.S. will not be on the page! These Dyno postings on the net are getting pretty "Far Out" everyone at a keyboard is trying to out do everybody else.!!
Like you said There have been some pretty "Suspect" postings. Yep I've have seen'em too. It is nice to see fuel flow as well as air flow. I think it is most important to have them both when doing development work. I've had an engine we couldn't fit on our own dyno run on another guys. It was tough because all he had was 02's. No fuel flow and no air flow. I had to figure out the actual calibration of the 02's was a little skewed, too. This guy runs some pretty good engines through his shop and I can only imagine how much better they might be if he had a little more data to work with. The reason I mention this is because of all the dyno sheets I see posted most have blank Columns where there should be data input. It really makes me go HUH!
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