Street 383 Build and Dyno w/v2.50BI heads

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Street 383 Build and Dyno w/v2.50BI heads

Postby Chad Speier » Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:13 am

PUMP GAS 383 build with v2.50BI heads. Built by Einstein Enginebuilder, and dyno'd on his Stuska.

4.030 x 3.750
010 Block
Scat cast crank- Internal Balanced
Scat I beam Rods
236/240 110LC 106CL .600/.600 HYD Roller
10.9-1 93 Octane
1.6 Scorpion Rockers
98445 Howard Springs w/TI Retainers
5/16 .080 wall pushrods
Edelbrock 2892 w/1" epoxy in the plenum
1 3/4 3.50" collector headers
Kevco Oil Pan
QFT 850 carb.

Einstein Enginebuilder, "Those heads are awesome, not just fluff numbers they work, My combo just is not wild enough to see the full potential but this is something I think alot of people would like to build."

Chad Speier
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